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Aztec Financial has been in business for over 20 years, bringing experience and longevity to equipment leasing and loans. We began in 1997, when we realized that there was a need for stable financing options in the cleaning and restoration industries. To meet this need and to make it possible for entrepreneurs to purchase specialty equipment, Aztec Financial launched and began assisting startups and growing businesses with their equipment financing needs. Since then, we have expanded into other industries and can now finance equipment and vehicles for most specialty contractors.

At Aztec, we believe in helping business owners reach their goals by offering fast, flexible, and easy equipment financing with a variety of structures designed to suit the business owner’s needs.

We provide multiple financing options:

  • Flexible, custom designed leases
  • Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) loans
  • Equipment credit lines

Each finance option is then structured, using our industry specific knowledge, to meet the unique needs and goals of the specialty contract business.

Additionally, we offer Fleet Vehicle pricing on Chevrolet Express vans, Dodge ProMaster vans, and custom-built box trucks.  We have also begun expanding into work trucks. Call 800-644-9537 for available inventory and to discuss special rebates and pricing discounts.

What Makes Us Different

When financing, you want a company that understands your business and can get you the best pricing, protection, and flexibility possible for your unique financing needs. At Aztec, we work with each business owner to determine what financing structure, term, and payments will be of the most benefit to their business model. Unlike other finance companies, we consider the whole picture, not just a credit score.

Whether you are a new business that is just getting started or an existing business looking to expand, we have finance structures to fit your business needs.

Commercial Finance

Protecting your personal borrowing power and business cash flow is important. With Aztec, businesses are able to keep their cash, while still getting the equipment they need. Leases and loans through Aztec are also tax friendly, falling under Section 179 of the US Tax Code and creating additional business savings each year.  And, most importantly, commercial finance through Aztec keeps your business and personal finances separate, protecting your personal assets and making sure your personal credit remains available.

Custom Built Financing

While others focus on credit scores, Aztec takes a holistic approach to equipment financing. We consider how long the company has been in business, how many years of experience the owners have in the industry, the total financial strength of the company, and more. This means that having a low credit score or a brand new business won’t stop most business owners from getting financed. We create flexible financing options to make sure even the most credit challenged business owners have a chance to succeed, while giving those with great credit more financing options to choose from.

Equipment Credit Lines

Our Equipment Credit Line program has been designed to help specialty contractors get equipment when they need it the most, with minimal hassle or documentation required. By pre-qualifying for an Equipment Credit Line the business can withdraw equipment purchase funds as they are needed. No more last minute scrambles for documentation and no more worry over whether or not the financing will be approved. We make it easy to buy what you need.

Seasonal and Skipped Payments

Business can come and go in waves, especially in companies that experience a high degree of seasonality. When business slows down, we’re here to make sure your company keeps going. Aztec understands and helps business owner get through slow periods by offering Seasonal and Mulligan payment programs.

  • Seasonal Payments – Choose three months, which do not have to be consecutive. Those months will have a lower payment each year throughout the life of the contract.
  • Mulligan Payments – This program is designed to let business owners skip one payment of their choice per year. This plan is perfect for business owners who like to take a month off, or are just starting up and are unsure about seasonality. If you choose not to use an available Mulligan month, you’ll pay off your loan or lease that much faster.

Asset Protection

Purchasing equipment and vehicles is a huge investment for any business. We help you protect that investment by offering a great commercial insurance product through our Asset Protection program.  This program is based out of our Utah location, which means we provide coverage on everything from freezing to hurricanes without the high costs associated with living in a high risk area. Our Asset Protection can be added to your equipment financing, or we can work with your current insurance provider to make sure your business is protected.

Fleet Vehicle Pricing

Since 2006, Aztec has offered quality vehicles at great prices. By partnering directly with the manufacturers and participating dealerships, we have been able to save specialty contractors THOUSANDS of dollars on their commercial vehicles. We offer a selection of Chevy cargo vans, Dodge ProMaster vans, and custom box trucks that have been specially designed for the needs of our customers. Starting in 2018, we will also begin offering work trucks, with the same great discounts and rebates you’ve come to expect from our van line.

Additionally, we offer an extended service agreement through the manufacturer, providing bumper-to-bumper coverage for 5 years or 100,000 miles. This is the best warranty on the market, especially for vehicles with truck mounts that may be prone to additional wear and tear.

Think you’ve found a better deal on your truck, van, or box truck? Call us! We won’t be beat!                                                                                                          

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